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Lancashire Co-Design Workshop May 3 & 4, 2016 in Lancaster

SecInCore Team Members engaged with an international group of disaster practioners and planners in a two-day workshop designed to delve into our concept and its design implications for the final year of the project. Participants included member of the Lancashire Local Resilience Forum LRF Pandemic Consequence Management Group, members of the Dortmund Fire Brigade civic protection and technology branches, a representative of the management team for the Bremerhaven Fire Brigade, an experienced Greek CBRNE Planner, and members of our Advisory Board.

The full workshop summary can be found here.

Workshop reports online!

The Final reports of the Co-Design workshops are finally online ! The first Co-Design workshop happened in Manchester 9-10 December 2014 which brought together response experts from seven different countries that brought home how important it is to attend to similarities and differences in Emergency Response, Processes and Roles. In the second Co-Design workshop at Athens 10-11 September 2015 Experiment, Collaborate, Envision and Evaluate were the main objectives. You can find the reports at the workshop site.

SecInCoRe at I4CM event in Berlin

SecInCoRe on tour, part 2 – Innovation for Crisis Management (I4CM) on December 9-10, 2015, Berlin:

SecInCoRe contributed to the I4CM event in Berlin, organised by the DRIVER demonstration project which is supposed to integrate outcomes from relevant mission oriented projects and cross-cutting activities like SecInCoRe. Rainer Koch presented the SecInCoRe approach, the team took part in the exhibition of the event. Discussions about ‘Common Information Spaces’ continued to be one of the key priorities.

SecInCoRe at PSCE conference in Oxford

SecInCoRe on tour, part 1 – Public Safety Communications Europe (PSCE) conference on December 8-10, 2015, Oxford University:

Monika Buscher presented work on ‘Networked Information Exchange: Ethical, Legal and Social Issues’, a collaboration between SecInCoRe, and the EPISECC, SECTOR and REDIRNET projects. Discussions have inspired a PSCE Working group. Please find the presentation here and watch out for more information on the working group. For more information please contact the SecInCoRe team.


SecInCoRe @ I4CM December 8 & 9, 2015 in Berlin

SecInCoRe will attend at the International Workshop on Innovation for Crisis Management (I4CM) on December 8 & 9, 2015 in Berlin. SecInCoRe will have a  presentation, contribute to the exhibition and is looking forward to promising discussions.

To underline the importance, Federal Minister of the Interior Thomas de Maiziere and the president of Federal Agency for Technical Relief Albrecht Broemme will open the I4CM workshop.

For further information about the schedule please visit I4CMs website.

SecInCoRe @ ESRDublin2015

Under the theme of ‘European Security Research – The Next Wave’ experts from different backgrounds and understandings in the area of security research came together in Dublin between the 4th and 6th November 2015. UPB, ULANC and AIRBUS represented SecInCoRe by contributing three presentations regarding standardisation, taxonomy and ELSI guidelines demonstrator. The SecInCoRe attendants enjoyed the information exchange and discussions at ESRDublin2015 leading into initiating several task forces. For more information about ESRDublin2015 visit the ESR website.

image source: Destriero_FP7 Twitter account

World Disasters Report 2015 released

The 2015 World Disasters Report – launched by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) – examines the complexities and challenges local actors face in scaling-up and sustaining their humanitarian response.

For more infomation about past disaster events, take a look at D2.1: Overview of disaster events, crisis management models and stakeholders


SecInCore @ BSSAR 2014

A Large Dissemination Event promoting Synergies and Collaboration will take place in the island of Crete (Greece) the second half of November (27 and 28/11/2014), organized by the Center for Security Studies (KEMEA) of the Hellenic Ministry of Public Order and Citizen Protection.

Monika Buscher presented ” Secure Dynamic Cloud for Information, Communication and Resource Interoperabilty based on Pan-European Disaster Inventory” which you can find here.

Successful Kick-off Meeting

Kickoff Meeting_Universität Paderborn_Projekt SecInCoRe


The new European FP7 Security project “Secure Dynamic Cloud for Information, Communication and Resource Interoperability based on Pan-European Disaster Inventory” (SecInCoRe)  had a successful kick-off meeting in Paderborn, Germany from 04.06. to 06.06.2014.  Partners from all partner countries came together in order to initiate the work in a project with ambitious objectives.