Demonstration Case with a representative of Italian Fire Brigades on 15th of December 2016

According to the timeline for validation activities, and following the Demonstration Case organised in Paderborn (25 October 2016), a validation activity has been organised in Rome on 15 December 2016. The aim of the Demonstration Case was to validate SecInCoRe components engaging a representative of the Italian Fire Brigades. Thanks to the end user’s direct experience in the whole process of the crisis management cycle and his understanding of similar technological systems for the emergency, it was possible to validate SecInCoRe’s components (CIS concept; Collaborative practices; Taxonomy/Ontology and Semantic Search and Knowledge Base/Inventory) trough the interaction of the end user with the demonstrator. A dedicated report of the activity will be inserted in D5.5. It was a pleasure to run a validation activity with a representative of Italian Fire Brigades.