CloudSigma AG

CloudsigmaCloudSigma AG is a private shareholder company established in 2009. CloudSigma has offices in Zurich, Switzerland, Sofia, Bulgaria, and Palo Alto, USA. CloudSigma is a public Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider with a strong focus on user control and flexibility. CloudSigma has built a transparent and flexible utility style platform and approach which is disrupting the IaaS space. The IaaS space remains dominated by business models and pricing mechanisms based around traditional hosting methods. CloudSigma provides CPU, RAM, data storage and data transfer in unbundled, flexible form, priced in transparent resource units. Unlike many other public clouds, CloudSigma provides completely open software and networking layers allowing customers to run cloud servers with any operating system and full (sole) root control.

Role in the project

Implementation of cloud-based communication system concept :

  • Design of Secure Dynamic Cloud environment and services for Information Communication and Resource Interoperability
  • Implementation of the common information space concept and therefore provide IaaS cloud environment on which exploitation of the SecInCoRe concept will be handled and modify API in order to fully serve SecInCoRe requirements
  • Standardisation of interfaces and procedures


Alexander Georgiev,