Airbus Defence & Space

CassidianAirbus Defence and Space (DS)’s goal is to create complete communication and information system solutions incl. platforms and to provide the means of implementing these solutions. With its systems competencies, Airbus DS fulfils all customer requirements in the areas of Air and Naval Defence, Information Superiority, advanced Command, Control and Communication (C3) systems, Professional Mobile Radio (PMR) and Homeland Security. Design of protocol and network interoperability as part of the communication system concept and exploitation.

Role in the project

  • Participation to the establishment of the taxonomy
  • Protocol and network interoperability as a support and as an assessment of the operational interoperability defined.
  • Specification of the interface of the PMR communication nodes
  • Integration of PMR communication nodes for case studies
  • Implementation of the communication system concept with respect to PMR networks
  • Standardisation using already established channels with regulatory and standardisation bodies (e. g., ETSI TC TETRA, ETSI TC RRS, ETSI TC EMTEL, CEPT,DGs of the European Commission and FRONTEX)
  • Leader of the WP dedicated to Dissemination and exploitation activity.


Daniel Zerbib,