T6 Ecosystems srl

t6T6 Ecosystems srl (T6 ECO) is a small research and consultancy company with high experience on the integration and research of modern technology and complex ICT systems applied to sustainable development, energy and innovative IT services. T6 ECO participates and coordinated international projects, many of them funded by the EC. Members of the team acquired specific experience through several international and Italian research projects in the field of validation of R&D, Impact assessment, investment evaluation, technology assessment, innovation management and evaluation of impact of potential disasters, considering expected socio-economic changes of the European society and influences of Climate Change on the occurrence/magnitude of weather related Validation of project’s results and study of established and new business models in the field of crisis and emergency management.

Role in the project

  • Co-ordination of validation approach, assessment and concept review
  • Validation Strategy and conducting validation exercises
  • Analysis of existing and future business models for emergency response
  • Disseminating validation information


Andrea Nicolai, a.nicolai@t-6.it

WWW: http://www.t-6.it/